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Edelweiss Group AG is a Swiss company founded in 2019 with headquarters in Egnach in the canton of Thurgau.

Main activities: Exploration and mining activities, mining operations, trading in precious and industrial metals, depository services. The company has hired specialists with extensive experience in large-scale exploration and mining operations.

The company currently operates in several countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, including Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Mongolia and Russia.

Edelweiss Group AG is the developer of a unique technology and exclusive supplier of mining equipment that enables the extraction of fine and ultra-fine gold and other metals from waste rock. This technology can recover up to 30% of gold from depleted ores, with reserves reaching millions of tons worldwide.

A special and important feature of this technology is its high environmental friendliness: the process is completely closed and no toxic substances (such as cyanide, mercury, etc.) are required.

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The company currently employs more than 30 people.
It is headed by a board of directors made up of the following members:


Edelweiss Group AG currently has certified industrial metal reserves valued at more than EUR 10,000,000,000 (ten billion).

This resource is a highly refined copper isotope. It is used in industries to manufacture electronics, precision medical devices, optics, and armaments. The availability and quality of this asset is confirmed by the independent certification body IGAS Research (Germany).

In addition, Edelweiss Group AG has reserves of resources such as cesium (Cs-133, non-radioactive), nickel, emerald-bearing rock and other valuable assets.

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The partners include renowned institutes and research centers in Europe and Asia: ProSafe GMBH, IGAS Research, as well as several large industrial companies: Siemens, BOSCH, HEN AG, ITOMAK, Erdenet Mining Corporation, Turquoise Hill Resources Mongolia and others.

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