Edelweiss Group AG supplies and operates process lines and equipment for a wide range of exploration and mining operations.

Through our direct contacts with the manufacturing companies, we can offer a favorable pricing policy and efficient service. Some of the technical solutions offered are truly unique. Resonance impact technology, for example, enables the separation of the processed rock at the smallest - almost molecular - level and precisely separates the chemical elements.

This technology enables the extraction of “fine” gold and other valuable minerals (which cannot be extracted by conventional methods) in waste rock (landfills). In addition, resonance technology enables the “breaking” of round-rolled quartz sand into smaller fractions with higher adhesive properties. In this way, sand from the earth's desert areas, which is not very suitable for construction, can be recycled into excellent raw materials for concrete.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes are undoubtedly an important trend of recent times. This trend is also fully supported by the equipment offered by Edelweiss Group AG. Most of the process cycles in this facility are closed and the use of unique innovations avoids the harmful and toxic reagents so commonly used in conventional mining methods.

Edelweiss Group AG 's most important partner in these activities is ITOMAK, a globally recognized market leader in the manufacture of mining and processing equipment.

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