The experts at Edelweiss Group AG have extensive experience in exploration and mining. They can look back on over two dozen successful large-scale projects.

The company's engineers have been and are involved in the development of unique technologies and devices that enable a significant increase in efficiency compared to traditional extraction methods.

Typically, some rocks and gold ore deposits contain significant amounts of precious metals that cannot be mined using conventional methods. State-of-the-art systems, which have been developed with the know-how of Edelweiss Group AG, enable the extraction of fine and ultra-fine gold and other useful elements from such rocks or ores that have already been mined.

The technology is extremely environmentally friendly: practically all developed processes are closed, no toxic chemicals are used, and the water used is purified in such a way that fish can swim in it safely.

Edelweiss Group AG is currently engaged in prospective development in various regions with extensive mineral deposits:

  • Omnogovi Province (Mongolia)
  • Legnica (Poland)
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Edelweiss Group AG is active in several countries around the world: Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Mongolia and others.

We invite you to learn more about the current projects of Edelweiss Group AG.

We are also open to new proposals for joint work in exploration and mining. Please contact us if you have any questions about possible cooperation in the above-mentioned activities.

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Countries on the Asian continent are traditionally rich in minerals. At the same time, however, mining activity in the region is uneven. While Russia and China are quite active in exploiting their deposits, other countries are less active.

Mongolia is one of the developing countries with great mining potential. It has proven significant reserves of gold, copper, molybdenum, uranium and coal.

Mining is one of the most important components of the country's economy and therefore currently enjoys a great deal of attention.

Edelweiss Group has long-standing relationships with mining companies in Mongolia. In 2020, Edelweiss Group accepted an invitation from the government of Mongolia to start exploration and mining projects in its territory.

Projects with a total area of up to 30 thousand hectares for exploration and mining are currently under development.

Investments of up to 10 billion Euros are planned.

Approximate proven composition and quantity of minerals:

  • Gold: from 80 tons
  • Copper: from 300,000 tons
  • Other resources: from 75-80 tons

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Legnica is an ancient town in the Lower Silesia Voivodeship in western Poland.

In the past, active mining was carried out in the vicinity of the town, leaving huge technogenic spoil heaps full of raw materials that could not be extracted using the old methods.

The high-tech extraction processes developed by the Edelweiss Group enable the complete recycling of sludge and waste rock. And not only to destroy the waste dumps that cover huge areas, but also to extract the most valuable resources from them: Gold, nickel and copper. Moreover, everything can be recycled - even the parent rock itself, from which high-quality silica sand is obtained, which is widely used in construction.

All this takes place in a technologically closed cycle - absolutely environmentally friendly.

In this way, a whole series of tasks for the complete recycling of technological 'waste' and cleaning of the soil is solved.

The infrastructure is currently being built at the project site.

General information:

  • Processing area: approx. 10 hectares
  • Total weight of the deposits: approx. 250,000 tons

Research into the composition and quantity of minerals:

  • Gold: ~250 tons
  • Copper: ~100 tons
  • Other resources: ~7-10 tons

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