Edelweiss Group AG sells precious and industrial metals. These materials are used both as industrial raw materials and as investment tools to protect against inflation.

The materials can be obtained either through SKR or by direct delivery from the Magdeburg warehouse. The current list of assets for sale is shown below. For delivery terms and further information, please contact us using the feedback form on this page and leave your contact details.

  • CommodityDescriptionMin. PurchasePrice*
  • Copper isotopePowder 99,999 ampoules300 gram1,950 EUR/g
  • NickelHigh purity NP-1 wire1 meter 263 EUR/m
  • Caesium (Cs-133)Not radioaktive10 gram25,000 EUR/g

* The price is based on SKR's terms and conditions of purchase. Please contact Edelweiss Group AG to learn the terms and conditions for other ways to acquire these resources.

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